8h20 min hours of fun!
For All Family
Typical food and more

Tour – La Hacienda 7 – in – 1

The Hacienda is a private estate of over 2.5 million square meters that offers the opportunity to engage in 7 activities in a secure environment.

Park access and all activities.

- Lockers.

- First-level safety materials.

- Tasting typical products (coffee, chocolate, mamajuana).

- Drinking water in dispensers in public areas.

- Traditional Dominican food buffet (drinks not included).

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This excursion
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Viva Dominicus Beach by Wyndham Viva Dominicus Palace by Wyndham


What's included?

  • Full day adventure buggy tour
  • Fresh, Typical Dominican meal
  • Soft drinks, cold bottled water, lunch.
  • Horseback riding, if you don't want or cannot do is no problem
  • Park access and all activities
  • Lockers
  • First-level safety materials
  • Tasting typical products
  • Drinking water in dispensers in public areas
  • Traditional Dominican food buffet (drinks not included)

Important Notes

  1. What to bring: Sunscreen, repellent, towels, bandanas or scarves.
  2. What to wear: Swimwear, comfortable shoes and clothing. It is recommended to bring a change of clothes.
  3. Suitable for: The whole family.
  4. Children under 90 centimeters: free entry.
  5. Pregnant women can only participate in the River Bath and enjoy the buffet.
  6. People under 110 centimeters.
  7. People weighing more than 114 kg or 250 pounds.
  8. Buggies, Zipline, Quick Jump and Horseback Riding are not allowed:
    • Maximum waist circumference for Zipline is 42” or 107cm
    • The use of cameras and mobile phones is allowed in all activities except for Zipline, Quick Jump, and Horseback Ride.
    • Driving the Buggies requires a driver’s license and being over 18 years old.

Some place to visit in this tour

During this excursion, you will be able to visit and enjoy the following natural beauties or emblematic places of the Dominican Republic, find out more details.

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