La Hacienda 7-in-1

Enjoy 7 experiences in 1!

  • BUGGYS POLARIS – An exciting and wild ride on 4×4 mini jeeps. It makes a stop at Anamuya River, where you may go for a refreshing swim.
  • HORSE RIDING – Criss-cross the park’s forest environment and its many streams
  • SAFARI – Aboard a US Army military vehicle, explore a farm typical of the Dominican Republic boasting coffee and cocoa plantations, sugarcane fields, aside from a wide variety of animals.
  • ZIPLINE – The longest zip-line in the Caribbean, more than a kilometer (0,7 miles) in length; it is also the highest on the island, with a 200-meter (650 ft) drop and one of the fastest, over 70 kph (45 mph).
  • QUICK JUMP – Once you finish the zipline you will have the opportunity to go make a descent by making a quick jump into the void with an elastic cord set to a height of over 20 meters (65ft) of altitude.
  • CABLE CAR – The first in the Dominican Republic, ascend from the base until reaching the mountain peak and enjoy the incredible panoramic views of Anamuya Jungle and Caribbean Sea.
  • 100% Dominican Buffet


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